Thursday, January 26, 2012

Things I learn today /Lina/

Today I read a post in one photographer blog. I waned to share it with someone.

What I liked the most was much more then this story and expariance she had, but what tuch me, (probably that was the thing what I needed most, in this time) is the way she wrote it. she live the gospel, and she shared what was inportant for her.
Things I learn:
 * to write a journal ( I do already, but well, I could do that more often, even those small expariances which I have, people I meet, stories I hear, might help for my children or others who reads it).
* When I have a feeling to share with someone, a story, things I read --> DO IT. I do neglect those feelings time to time, because I get discoragesds of toughts coming to my mind.
* Take pictures more often!